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Natou Herbs Ceo
Being The only female of 3 children & my mother always at work i faced what most young women in the world faced today, and that is not having much awareness on how to properly treat our  bodies especially  our private area . That’s not until My grandmother HAITIAN of course  introduced me to herbs while educating me about what herbs to use for the issues we are facing today , and Of course I used all remedies that I was thought on myself  From there when I used the herbs my  issues immediately stop reoccurring and realizing that I can help other women across the world  . I recognize that young women of color struggle with not having much awareness on how to properly clean our body , especially as a heavy thick women of color that’s has faced the same problem as them, and I am so passionate about helping women gain their confidence back as well owning their crown back to let them know NATOUS HERBS LLC is Here to help Heal & Educate .

 I’ve open up to you , Now its about you & Its About Time !!!