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      Like others, I have always dreamed of owning my own birthing center and Herbal shop ,Growing up , my mother had 3 kids and being the only girl of 2 boys I suffered from Yeast infections , UTI , Bacteria vaginosis , painful menstrual cycles & many more women health issues because of the unhealthy foods I would consume & I didn’t have the proper education on how to keep my hygiene from declining , doctors would prescribe medications for my health issues , the meds wouldn’t work and the problem would reoccur , That all stop once I took a trip to families country Haiti . My grandmother introduced me to herbs while educating me about what herbs to use for the issues I was facing, and From there when I used the herbs my Vaginal issue immediately stop reoccurring, I can say that was the best decision I ever made in my life . Like many women today still doesn’t know how to properly take care / clean them self , so I dedicate Natous herbs to women owning their crowns back , we are here to help heal & educate. Natous was created for women who lost their confidence in the bedroom also helping women feel Rephresh all over again from Our most craved feminine care line thats packed with plant-based ingredients that will restore your feminine pH and boost your confidence in and out of the bedroom. We also specialize in, Acne,Eczema & Psoriasis you name it , and we will help it . I’ve open up to you , Now its about you & Its About Time !!!